Dry lease

Dry lease

We offer dry lease for AOC's and TRE's.

Dry lease for airlines

Airlines can train their crews according to their own program on our training device. The training device is available 24/7 for dry lease sessions. To facilitate access, bookings can be made directly through our booking platform. You will receive access after signing a contract. We are also able to assist airlines in training their own crews. Our trainers can be standardized according to the airline’s books and then carry out the training on behalf of the airline.

Please contact us to clarify any further questions.

Dry lease for T/R Examiner

If you are a Type Rating Examiner (TRE) and need a dry lease session, you also have the possibility to rent our simulator. For this we only need a certificate and a contract. After signing the contract you will get access to our booking portal and can place your bookings there in an uncomplicated way. Please take into account that we cannot consider bookings of less than two hours per event.

If you need additional training, e.g. for a revalidation of your type rating, we can provide you with a quote for this. We have many experienced trainers in our ATO.

For further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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